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Round Yellow

This tortilla chip product is made from fresh made stone ground corn (no corn flour) and contains no trans fats. Pre-formed chips are slow air dried to seal in flavor and produce a crunchy non greasy chip with an exceptional corn flavor. Expect 20% more servings per case compared to most competitors’ brands. Excellent for chips & salsa, nachos or an accompaniment to many dishes.

Product: Tortilla Chip, Yellow Corn, Round, Salted

UPC: 52113

Pack Size: 12#, bulk packed

Case Weights: 12# net, 13.85# gross

Case Dimensions: 23.5”L x 15.5” W x 112.4” H

Pallet Configuration: 5 tie X 4 high+ 20 cases per pallet

Shelf Life & Storage: 45 days, dry storage only away from swamp cooler

Order Lead Time: 3 business days



#1 Food Grade Yellow corn, water, zero trans fat soybean oil, sea salt, trace of lime.


Allergen information: This product does not contain wheat flour, however they are made in a factory producing wheat products.


Nutritional Information

Serving Size - 1 oz (28gms)

Calories - 133

Total Fat - 5g

Saturated Fat - 0.5 g

Cholesterol - 0 mg

Sodium - 35 mg

Total Carbohydrates - 19 g

Dietary Fiber - 3 g

Sugars - 1 g

Protein - 3 g

Calcium - 65 mg

Potassium - 61 mg



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