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Red Chile

Product: Corn Tortilla, Red Chili 6.5" cutter diameter

UPC: 14762

Pack Size: 4/72 count

Case Weights: 10.8# net, 12.2# bulk

Case Dimensions: 15"L x 13"W x 6"H

Pallet Configuration: 9 tie x 7 high= 63 cases per pallet

Storage & Shelf Life: 30 days under refrigeration or 60 days in the freezer

Order Lead Time: 5 business days


Product Description:

We prepare as our medium thick corn tortilla, mixing a puree of whole chili's and vegtable into the masa before making the tortilla. Perfect for enchiladas, chips, tacos, tostadas, or specialty dishes. These add a lot of color and flavor to your presentation!



#1 grade white corn, water, red chili flavor blend (fresh puree and extracts (chipotle pepper, garlic, green bel pepper), natural flavor, salt, hydrolyzed soy protein, chili powder, spice extracts), propionic actid, phosphoric acid, sodium propionate, dextrose, sodium tripolyphosphate, trace of lime.


Nutritional Facts:

Calories - 38

Calires from fat - 3

Total fat (g) - .5

Sat Fat (g) - 0

Trans Fat (g) - 0

Cholesterol (mg) - 0

Sodium (mg) - 3

Total Carb (g) - 8

Dietary Fiber (g) - 0

Sugars (g) - 0

Protein (g) - 1

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