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Chip White

Product: Corn Tortilla, Chip, White, 6.5”

UPC: 10274

Pack Size: 6/120 count

Case Weights: 18.6# net, 19.1# bulk

Case Dimensions: 19”L x 13.25”W x 6”H

Pallet Configuration: 7 tie X 7 high= 49 cases per pallet

Storage & Shelf Life: 30 days under refrigeration or 60 days in the freezer

Order Lead Time: 3 business days



Corn, water, trace of lime, propionic acid, dextrose.


Product Description:

This whole white corn tortilla is made from fresh made stone ground corn. This is the thinnest corn tortilla we make, it is baked slower to deliver you a drier chip that will fry faster and absorb substantially less oil saving you labor and oil costs. Made for operators desiring to cut and then fry their own fresh made tortilla chips. Also cut into strips, deep fry at approx 350 degrees, drain and then use to top salads.

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