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Raquelitas Tortillas
From blue corn tortillas and chips to chocolate tortillas; from baked corn bowls to fresh masa - we have it all! The history of Raquelitas and the traditional making of corn tortillas. Take the Chip Challenge. The best tasting corn tortilla chips with the highest yield anywhere in the Denver Metro area. Why the Best In the News - Hear what the buzz is about Raquelitas Tortillas Are you ready to try the best tasting corn tortillas and chips in the Denver metro area? Contact us!
Raquelitas Tortillas
Why the best.

CORN: The corn variety we use is grown specifically for tortillas and is the best available anywhere in the world for our type of product. We do not shop for the cheapest commodity corn on the market, we do not use cattle feed grade corn, or buy the high bushel per acre yield corn grown for ethanol fuel. From the time the seed is planted in the ground, all our corn is grown for us by a group of family farmers we have been working with since the early 90's. Their farms are located in an area of Eastern Nebraska with rich soil, abundant moisture, and perfect climate for optimum quality. If you are going to make the best tortillas you must start with the best raw materials and we take no short cuts or pinch pennies at this important stage.

CombineFLOUR: Every year in May, Rich travels all over Kansas along with the USDA, Kansas State University, International government grain inspectors from Japan, South America, Europe and Africa, professional grain traders, members of the press from Dow Jones, Reuters, AP and senior buyers from the world's leading bakers including Sara Lee, IBC and others in helping to calculate the annual wheat quantity and wheat quality. Over 5 days, we are out in the middle of wheat fields measuring rows of wheat stalks, soil conditions, talking with farmers, millers, and visiting equipment dealers to find out firsthand what quantity of wheat is coming, where the great wheat is growing strongest, and where this years' crop missed out. Our final calculations report is given at the Kansas City Board of Trade to the world press, where our findings actually affect the price of wheat futures the minute our report is given. This allows Raquelitas to see firsthand where the best wheat is for the next year and tells us where to acquire and have our flour milled, and also where to avoid. You see instead of finding out who has the cheapest flour, we are out in the fields getting wet and dirty finding out where the great wheat is and that is what we use for all our flour tortillas. If you think all wheat flour is the same and it just does not make a difference, you do not know wheat flour! Here is an example: take the same blueprint,Staff same tools, same carpenter, give him cheap particle board to make one table, and hand selected Mahogany to make another, which table will come out better? Just like all wood is not the same, all wheat flour is not either! We are the experts and you will see the difference that our knowledge and purchasing of only the best raw materials make.

OVENS: Even the difference in the bakery machinery we choose helps make our tortillas better. None of our equipment is engineered to deliver the lowest manufacturing cost, but rather the highest quality end product. Years ago we decided to specialize in foodservice where consistency is everything and to make the most consistent, you must utilize the most precise bakery machinery in the world, for example our dough mixers are from Italy, and our dough dividers are from Stuttgart Germany. Our dough divider alone costs more than the average home and weighs each dough piece to exact weights measured in grams! You see more precise weights equal more consistent size of the finished tortilla. We have been engineering equipment from the leading tortilla equipment manufacturers for 2 generations now and we know how to specify our custom built machinery to insure top quality that you can taste, rather than just speeding things up to lower our costs to make tortillas.

FRYERS: Our chip fryer capacity is only 280 pounds per hour on a good day, where most factories today are at 4000 pounds or more per hour! To keep up with 4000 pounds an hour you must make an entirely different chip than we make just so the delicate little chip can hope to make it thru the abusive high-speed packaging lines. We still fry them just like we have since day one. Gently frying at a lower temperature, so we don't burn the flavor out of the oil, lightly salting them with sea salt, and most of the time, loading the warm boxes onto waiting delivery trucks. Nothing too fancy, just keeping the quality tradition that got us to this point.

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