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Raquelitas Tortillas
From blue corn tortillas and chips to chocolate tortillas; from baked corn bowls to fresh masa - we have it all! The history of Raquelitas and the traditional making of corn tortillas. Take the Chip Challenge. The best tasting corn tortilla chips with the highest yield anywhere in the Denver Metro area. Why the Best In the News - Hear what the buzz is about Raquelitas Tortillas Are you ready to try the best tasting corn tortillas and chips in the Denver metro area? Contact us!
Raquelitas Tortillas

Our corn tortilla chips come in round, triangle, sixth cut, quarter cut, raw, and blue corn varieties.
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Raquelitas 20% average superior yield truly are the best tasting, highest yielding chips you can find anywhere and we will prove it to you absolutely free!

If your restaurant uses a 10 case per week minimum, call Rich at 303.296.3111 x 4 to set up a hassle free appointment at your convenience. He will personally come to your facility and perform a valuable chip yield analysis test at no charge to accurately show you how much money you may save by switching to Raquelitas. The "fresh from the fryer" case of chips we bring to the test are yours to keep no matter what! You have nothing to lose and thousands of dollars of additional profits per year to gain; even more important - increased customer satisfaction!

How can we be so confident? Well, here's the math: if you are using as little as 15 cases a week of chips, that comes to 780 cases per year. Raquelitas 20% average superior yield (and less breakage) vs. most national brands has you usually buying about 20% to 25% less cases of chips per year due to this increased yield. That translates to a savings of over 150 six lb. cases of chips per year and that is some serious money!

Call us to come at no obligation and prove it in your dining room.